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Globalization II. The Simputer

Friday, 11 June 2004, 15:00

related to the panel Globalization II. Bridging the Digital Divide

Samyeer Metrani
General Manager, Mobile Computing Products, Encore Software Limited, in charge of software for the Simputer, Bangalore

An Introduction to the Simputer Platform

I will give some details on the choices that went into the selection of the various components that make up the Simputer Platform.

Components of the Software on the Simputer

Here I want to cover the various issues with installing Linux on the platform, and the various components that came together to form a release for the Simputer.

Deployed Application Areas

Some of the application areas that are presently deployed on the Simputer. These include some of the work that is going on at present in e-governance and adult education.

Programming for the Simputer

A discussion of the tools avalible for development on the Encore Simputer, and a demonstration of writing simple programs.

Porting existing applications to the Simputer

Here I want to cover how we went about porting applications like dillo (web browser) and spruce (email client) to the Simputer.

Advantage Linux

The advantages that Linux gave us (and continues to give us) in the development of this platform.

Simputer Interfaces

The Encore Simputer has a lot of interfaces like USB Master, Compact Flash, Smartcard. I would like to outline some of the interfaces that are available.

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