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by SimSullen CC BY-NC-SA

by SimSullen CC BY-NC-SA

RegisteredCommons.org Launch Party

Friday, 15 September, 19:00, Columbia Club

Download video recording as link Ogg or as link MP4.

As a result of a research project, link RegisteredCommons.org advances the potential of open licensing by providing a trusted registration procedure for the community. Creative work becomes verifiable through hash coding and secure timestamps. Join us to celebrate our first registrations, the German translation of Lawrence Lessig's most recent book "Free Culture" and a live performance of our new anthem for information freedom:

Tuxedo Blues

(E)(A)Woke up this mornin' turned on the news
somebody's trying to steal the blues.

(A)They try to license E-Major and put my songs in danger
(B)It's my favourite blues chord soon it ain't free no more.

Went to O'Malley's to fetch me some gin
sat down at the bar when i saw him walking in
His name was Tux he gave me a grin
said try open source fella that's how you win.

cause culture is free and should always be
it's creative and common for both you and me
let's share this song so we can get along
let's share this song so we can get along

link Listen to it (mp3).

by vgrass42. CC BY-NC-SA

by vgrass42. CC BY-NC-SA

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