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Free tools for Collaboration and Activism

Friday, 11 June 2004, 10:00

Topics of this workshop are free tools for collaboration and e-activism. A multitude of free software is suited for networking and joint virtual work of civil society groups.

From the great range of free software the speakers will introduce programs which they use in their work for collaboration and networking.

Several ways will be shown for using free and open tools: How can wikis be used for internal / external communication and collaborative work? Which options are there for online-demonstrations in the network? How can different tools be combined? How can information be distributed quickly and effectively? Which secure infrastructures are necessary and possible for making sure that data and communication are not being intercepted?

This workshop will also look forward into the future. Which tools and trends are emerging? Which applications are still missing or are not really covered yet?

Confirmed Speakers

* Karen Banks, Association of Progressive Communications (APC)
* Alvar Freude, Odem.org, Stuttgart
* Robert Guerra, privaterra.org, Toronto
* Oliver Moldenhauer, Attac, Berlin
* Jürgen Neumann, Freifunk.net, Berlin


* Markus Beckedahl, Netzwerk Neue Medien, Berlin


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