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Ian Brown


Ian's main professional interests are in public policy issues around information and the Internet, as well as the more technical fields of information security and networking. He's the director of the Foundation for Information Policy Research and also consults for companies such as JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and SAIC.

Ian has worked on a wide range of information policy issues such as surveillance, privacy, export controls, copyright and electronic voting. With colleagues from Privacy International and FIPR he's authored reports and papers on these issues that have been cited in the House of Lords and parliamentary briefing notes. They have also been covered on BBC2, Channel 4, CNN, CBC, the BBC World Service and in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Ian helped write the Cryptix freeware crypto library for Java, upon which his e-mail encryption program Enigma is based. He also takes an active part in network and security protocol development in the IETF. Ian previously worked on the PIMMS project at UCL, where he is an honorary research fellow.

Ian's also interested in learning using computers, and was part of UCL's Teaching And Coursework Online project. The team developed a wide range of Web-based software to provide automatic coursework authoring and management facilities for lecturers.

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