Tools for WOS4

Here you find links to tools that are useful for participating in activities at WOS4 or that are related to some of the sessions at the conference.


* OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing), required for participating in the Meshnet Experiment running at WOS4: link Download


There will be a live-stream of all plenary talks at WOS4. On this separate page you can find information on the technology that the wos Stream-Team is using to netcast and that you will need to use to receive the video stream.

Online Collaboration

* Gobby, a multi-user editor for collaborative live note-taking and commenting.: link Download


* dyne:bolic, GNU/Linux multimedia distribution on a live CD, with tools to record, edit, encode and stream both sound and video: link Download

* Audio and Video edition of NGO-in-a-Box is the multimedia-enabled version of Tactical Technology Collective's NGO-in-a-Box: link Download

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