Streaming WOS4

The livestream of Wizards of OS 4 has been terminated. The recordings of the panels are available for download as Ogg-files, which can be played by the link VLC media player and as (H264 encoded) MP4-files.

If you have any questions about the downloads feel free to contact the Stream Team.

Archive: Tuesday

Archive: Thursday

Archive: Friday

Archive: Saturday

Technical Details

The WOS4-Stream was produced using the open source filetype link Ogg, the actual data was encoded via link Vorbis (audio) and link Theora (video). The stream had a bandwith of approximately 128 kbit/s and was broadcast by an link Icecast-Server.


We like to thank the link Chair for Informatics in Education and Society and the link Computer and Mediaservice of the link Humboldt-University in Berlin for the hardware and the internet connection. Without them streaming the WoS4 would not have been possible.

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