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David Bollier


I am an independent policy strategist, journalist, activist and consultant with an evolving public-interest portfolio. My work tends to focus on a few key concerns: reclaiming the American commons, understanding how digital technologies are changing democratic culture, fighting the excesses of intellectual property law, fortifying consumer rights and promoting citizen action.

A groundswell of interest in the commons is arising these days. Some has been provoked by our first annual report on the State of the Commons 2003/2004 and a terrific newspaper insert, Section Z, prepared by Ecotrust and called "Let's Reclaim the Commons." Beyond a brisk speaking schedule, I have started a blog, "Heard on the Commons", which will soon be integrated with "On the Commons," a full-feature web portal that will link to the burgeoning literature and movement of individuals and organizations dedicated to the commons.

Now out in paperback Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth, a book describing the dozens of commons in American life that are being rapidly privatized and commercialized.

I pursue most of my projects as:

Collaborator with television writer/producer Norman Lear

Senior Fellow, USC Annenberg Center for Communication, The Norman Lear Center

Co-founder, Public Knowledge

Strategic advisor to foundations and citizen groups

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