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Wizards of OS 4 Conference – Taking Stock of a Freedom Movement

From September 14 to 16, 2006, Berlin’s Columbia Hall and Columbia Club will host the international conference Wizards of OS 4 (WOS4), covering the fields of free software and free knowledge. For three days, more than 90 renowned scientists, technologists, artists and activists from around the world will examine the technological, legal, cultural and artistic developments of the last years in light of free culture ...
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Information Freedom Rules

The year is 2006. 15 years after the launch of the GNU General Public Licence, ten years after John Perry Barlow declared the independence of cyberspace, and five years after Wikipedia was founded. Time for stock taking. Free protocols enable the Internet. Free software rules on the servers. The freedom movement in the sciences advances in big steps. The free cooperative online encyclopedia Wikipedia is well-established as a reference. And every day more people are freely creating and sharing cultural expressions of all kinds. But what is the freedom that we mean? Is freedom ruling or a niche? What rules has freedom brought forth, which does it require in order to become sustainable? Is there an essence of freedom or is it gradual, composed of options as Creative Commons suggests? Is „freedom from“ more important or „freedom to“? Do only those have freedom who can afford it or those that have nothing left to lose? Can you make a living with free information Can you sell free beer? WOS4 charts this open territory while it unfolds in front of us ...
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