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Mesh-Net Experiment

throughtout the conference

organized by
Sven Wagner
BerlinBackBone & c-base, Berlin

For WOS 3, the European free_wireless_networkcommunity will be setting up one of the largest mobile ad-hoc networks -->Manet<-- between bcc at Alexanderplatz and c-base. All participants of WOS 3 are invited to join the experiment. Its aim is to get as many people as possible to participate in order to demonstrate the possiblities and limits (if any) of the ad-hoc network.

For this experiment, a second Wlan will be set up in bcc and its vicinity. It will be build using the Cubes of 4G-Systems. On the Cubes, the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR, will be running. OLSR is available for FreeBSD, Linux, Win and Apple.

Support will be available at the helpdesk in bcc and at c-base.

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