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join us in celebrating the Wos conference at the WMF club's Summer Camp!

Live: TBC - LUCIANO [cadenza/peacefrog/mental groove, genf/ch]

HIGHFISH [wmf/whitest boy, b]
SVEN.VT [wmf/de:bug/freizeitglauben, b]

where is it?

Littenstrasse / Rolandufer
10179 Berlin (Mitte)
S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke S3, S5, S7, S75, S9
U-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke U8

how much is it?

Fors WOS 3 paricipants, the entrance fee is 2 Euros. Please buy you ticket in advance at the info desk in bcc.

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