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Ralph Giles


Ralph Giles is an open source developer with a long standing interest in computer graphics and film. Born in California, he now lives in Vancouver, Canada. It was while studying graduate-level physics than he discovered Linux and the open source movement and got distracted.

After doing project management and build system work on the utah-glx driver project, he began contributing to Xiph.org in 2000 and a became a core Ghostscript developer in 2001. Since then he has maintained an active role in both projects, with occasional forays in other directions. Past work includes researching metadata issues for Xiph.org, acting as maintainer of the MacOS and GPL versions of Ghostscript, and taking on much of the new PDF image compression support code in Ghostscript. He acts as sysadmin and a release manager for both groups. Most recently, he became the project lead for the Xiph.org Foundation's Theora video codec.

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