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by SimSullen CC BY-NC-SA

by SimSullen CC BY-NC-SA


Bridges or walls? Can free culture coexist with proprietary projects?

Saturday, 16 September, 13:00, Workshop Room

Heather Ford, Executive Director link iCommons, Capetown, South Africa

This session will be structured as a dynamic podcast interview featuring Lawrence Lessig from link Creative Commons and Aral Balkan from link OSFlash.org, with inserts by members of the iCommons community. The subject of the debate is concerned with the interface between proprietary, open source and free culture communities and the grey areas within so-called open communities, businesses, products and services, as well as some practical tips on how proprietary vendors/products can come to embrace openness in a variety of forms.

Listen to the podcast interviews recorded by Markus Beckedahl, netzpolitik.org, as link Ogg (35 MB) or as link MP3 (41 MB).

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