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Free Content Licensing: Success, Challenges and the Way Forward

Friday, 15 September, 15:00, Workshop Room

In recent years, the use of free content licences has increased dramatically. For example, the number of Creative Commons (CC) licenced works on the Internet has grown from one million in 2003 to 140 million in 2006. Several major archives, universities and broadcasting stations have adopted free licencing practices. With success comes controversy. This workshop will touch upon the debate between 'pragmatists' and 'idealists' in the free content movement, but also look at more specific issues such as the interoperability of free content licences, the soon to be published CC non-commercial guidelines, the relation between free content licences and digital rights management, and the future of the CC developing nations licence.

chaired by

Vera Franz, Information Programme, Open Society Institute, London

Participants include

Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA & Founder of Creative Commons

Benjamin Mako Hill, MIT Media Lab, Debian, Ubuntu, FreedomDefined.org, Cambridge, MA

Paul Keller, Waag Society & Creative Commons Netherlands, Amsterdam

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