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Marek Tuszynski

Marek Tuszynski is the co-founder and partner of Tactical Tech.

Marek has mixed backgrounds, by education art historian, by profession IT and NGO consultant, adviser and trainer, sometimes film, event and sound maker, pretty often NGO activist.

In the 90s Marek worked as the director of the Internet Program for the Stefan Batory Foundation, a civil-society foundation based in Warsaw. In parallel he was a curator of many art exhibitions and music events. He was also a board member of Klon/Jawor (a research and infrastructure NGO), founder/board member of the International Contemporary Art Network based in Amsterdam and The Second Hand Bank (a refurbished & redistributed electronic equipment NGO).

He has worked extensively as an international consultant for civil-society and art-based projects including the Information Program of the Open Society Institute and the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium on the "Improvement of Inter Ethnic Relations" program.

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