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Columbia Hall and Columbia Club, throughout the conference

link Visual Berlin e.V. is a community of video artists and VJs living in Berlin and Brandenburg and involved with collaborative projects and exchanges with the regional and international scene of visualists. We take both technological and cultural aspects of video art into consideration. Visual Berlin provides a node for visualists from the region and is striving to work together with other video art associations and VJ festivals in order to promote international collaboration. The commitment to establish a central point of contact for visualists in Berlin arose from the wish to get to know like-minded people beyond party nights and to share the fascination of VJ art with others.

At WOS4, Visual Berlin provides the moving visual design of the conference and will rock your eyes at the Netlabel Parties.

Documentary of the Freaks, Friends and Players Festival at Bremen and Excerpts of several Visual Jam Sessions

The association consists of active users of the online platform link kunstundforum.de out ouf which also parallel projects emerge like “Bermudavisualisten” and the “VJ Stammtisch” which we developed further. Many of our members over the last years have been active at various VJ festivals like AViT, OpenAirVit, ContactEurope, avit^c3, Mediaruimte or Urban Artforms, and have gathered experiences that are flowing back into the work of Visual Berlin.

Visual Berlin is a non-profit organisation and has as its goal to distribute information about VJing and video art and to establish VJing as an independent art form. The association enables its members to pool ideas, and thereby to also realise complex projects together. Talents are fostered and enhanced.

All this is realised through a simple, fast and uncomplicated form of information exchange enabled by the association and the use of modern communications technology.

Board: link fRED, link Kiritan Flux, link Leinwandler

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