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Hive Network

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link Hive Networks is an organisation that is liberating commonly available embedded computers for use by digital artists. It transcends the boundaries between engineering and art. It is a work of art as well as a platform for other artists to create works.

It also combines the element of content with the element of networking. Each Hive device is capable of gathering content (through webcams, microphones, sensors) and disseminating it (web server, audio/video live streams, bluetooth, wlan). At the same time each Hive device also acts as a node in the network, which means that it is capable of storing and forwarding data.

Currently the development phase of Hive Networks, entitled the "DIY toolkit for ubiquituous computing", is underway, jointly funded by the Arts Council England and SCAN.

Alexei Blinov (Raylab), one of Hive developers, will be speaking about the project on the Freedom Expanded panel. You will also able to experience the hive hands-on. Look for them in the project area of Columbia Hall.

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