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Shu-Kun Lin

Nine Years Publication of Molecules and Other Open Access Chemistry Journals at MDPI.org

After preparation in 1995, the e-journal Moelcules was launched in 1996 in collaboration with Springer. From January 1997, it was published by MDPI itself. Scientists would like to have high publicity for their scientific research results, and give away the scientific information for free.

Publication can be done by "do-it-yourself" (Layout by the authors and peer-review can be done by scientists themselves). E-publishing on the internet (online) can be fast and easy, with low cost (for authors to pay).

Ethically, scientific research paid by the society must be owned by the society. As a scientist editing and publishing Molecules and 7 other open access international scientific journals for 9 years, on behalf of the international editorial board members of our journals, including 8 Nobel Prize winners, we recommended that the open access to scientific information be included in the United Nations’ Information Society Declaration of Principles and the Plan of Action. The difficulty for open access is also obvious: Recently Elsevier stop its open access service of Chemistry Preprint Server (CPS).

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