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GPLv3: Updating the GNU GPL

Friday, 15 September, 17:00, Workshop Room

17h00 - 17h30: Georg Greve, President Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE):
"Thwarting DRM"

The new provisions in GPLv3 for protecting user freedom in DRM situations have been a source of controversy and sometimes confusion. It is vital that the GNU GPL does not allow DRM to fetter the freedoms that the GNU GPL exists to preserve -- but it is also vital that the new provisions not interfere with legitimate uses of technology. Drawing this line is difficult and requires discussion and input from the community. In this presentation, Greve will describe the proposed wording and the general aims to stimulate informed debate.

17h30 - 18h00: Ciaran O'Riordan (FSFE):
"Explanation and review of the public consultation"

The key to success for the GPLv3 is to maximise public input. The free software community has never drafted a licence collectively before, so this is a completely new project. This could also be the reason that the mainstream media has often forgot to inform people that they can have their say in the licence drafting. In this presentation, O'Riordan will explain the process, why the process is designed the way it is, how to participate, and what can be learned for future licence drafting processes.

18h00 - 19h00: Panel with Greve, O'Riordan, and members of FSFLA:
"Q & A on the main changes in GPLv3"

This panel will examine some of the comments which members of the free software community have made via the link gplv3.fsf.org web portal, and will take questions from the audience. Topics will include patents, internationalisation, enforcement, and more. On the panel will be members of FSFE, and its sister organisation, FSF Latin America.

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