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by SimSullen CC BY-NC-SA

by SimSullen CC BY-NC-SA

newthinking WOS4 Warmup

Wednesday, 13 September, 14-19:00, 2006 at link newthinking

Markus Beckedahl, newthinking communications & netzpolitik.org, Berlin et al.

On the day before the Wizards of OS 4, newthinking network presents an afternoon of free software, free knowledge and free culture in the world's first Open Source Store. Beside Club-Mate, Bionade and beer, open WLAN access should round out the welcome in advance to WOS4.

Highlights of the activities of the newthinking network in the areas of Social Software, Open Source Strategies, Knowledge Management and free media production will be presented in light of concrete projects such as link netzpolitik.org, link
, link Drupal and median studio.

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