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EU-Project Workshop

Sunday, 17 September 2006, 11-18:00
Humboldt University Berlin, Schrödinger Zentrum

Roland Alton-Scheidl, PUBLIC VOICE Lab & Project Lead RegisteredCommons.org, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

The European Commission runs several programs for supporting research, development and networking IT and media. Currently, there is an open call for eContentPlus, with deadline on October 19th 2006. The work programme aims at reinforcing cooperation between digital content stakeholders and will fund a thematic network on public domain and related issues. Creative Commons is explicitly mentioned.

In the workshop we will define goals and non-goals of the project, identify stakeholders (please add tag ecplus to del.icio.us), sketch workpackages and set up the proposal writing procedure. Participants should bring commitment for being active in the proposal writing phase.

link eContentPlus Call
link del.icio.us Tags for Partner Identification
link Proposal WIKI

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