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ALAC Meeting

Help to strengthen Civil Rights and Consumer Protection in ICANN's policies!

Sunday, 17 September 2006, 11-17:00
Hotel link NH Berlin Alexanderplatz
Landsberger Allee 26-32
10249 Berlin

Annette Mühlberg, ALAC Chair

This workshop will be run by the European members of ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) and by European civil society organisations who want to get involved in Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) policies.

The job of the At-Large Advisory Committee is to be the voice of the individual Internet users in ICANN (for more information: link http://icannalac.org/). That means, it is supposed to give advice to the ICANN Board and to get individual Internet end-users involved in ICANN policies by forming regional organisations (RALOs) whose purpose it is to strengthen the consumer protection and civil rights in ICANN's policies and foster direct participation.

We had a first Preperatory Meeting for a European Regional At-Large Organisation (EURALO) which took place in May 2006. About 20 civil society representatives from Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland assembled, committed to start the pioneer work of an EURALO. Main topics on the dense agenda were: how Civil society regionally and globally works on Internet Governance, how it can strengthen civil and consumer rights in ICANN policies, defining working principles, key issues, outlining a workplan and drafting bylaws for EURALO.

The defined key issues for further activities are:
- data protection, privacy
- consumer choice and consumer protection
- freedom of opinion and expression
- preventing monopolies, ensuring competition

At this Meeting, after WOS 4 in Berlin, we want to work on the finalisation of bylaws for the EURALO and prepare the inauguration of the EURALO at the Internet Governance Forum in October 2006.

It is hard work, but we are determined to build an efficient structure to give individual Internet users' interests a voice in ICANN and let users' interests be guiding ICANN's policies!

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