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Charlotte Hess


Charlotte Hess is director of the Digital Library of the Commons and is Information Officer for the International Association for the Study of Common Property. She is an information specialist on common-pool resources (CPRs) and collective action.

Her current areas of research include: the academic uses of the term “commons”; international equity of digital information; intellectual property rights; and the evolution of scholarly communication.

She maintains a regular column in the CPR Digest on Recent Publications.

Her works include: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Common Pool Resources, (CD-ROM) 1999 (Bloomington: Indiana University, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis); “Capturing the Campus Commons", 1998 (The Common Property Resource Digest 46:9-11); “Is There Anything New Under the Sun? A Discussion and Survey of Studies on New Commons and the Internet" (PDF, 87 KB), 2000 (Presented at the eighth biennial conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, May 31-June 4, Bloomington, IN).

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