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Rena Tangens

Rena Tangens, artist and networking pioneer, lives and works in Bielefeld, Germany. Experimental film, video and free radio work. Founded the gallery and art project "Art d'Ameublement" together with colleague padeluun in 1984. Online since 1987. She brought the first modem to the international art exhibition documenta in 1987 and women ("haecksen") into the German hackers association Chaos Computer Club. 1988 artist in residence in Canada.

Rena Tangens is co-founder of the FoeBuD e.V. asscociation, the BIONIC bbs and the independent bulletin board networks Z-Netz and CL in Germany and Zamir Transnational Network (set up during the war in former Yugoslavia from 1992). She also worked in software development for the ZERBERUS bbs program with special focus on advancement of democracy, privacy issues and respect of the network as a social space. As a media scientist research on androcentrism in the networks. Currently working on her dissertation on privacy, perception of space and participation.

Rena Tangens is curator of the ongoing monthly culture and technology event PUBLIC DOMAIN since 1987. She published with FoeBuD the first manual on PGP encryption in German language. Since 2000 organizer and jury member of the annual Big Brother Awards ("the oscars for surveillance") in Germany. The FoeBuD-project "DataPrivatizer", developed to detect hidden RFID chips and scanners, won the idea contest of bridge foundation (dedicated to civil rights in the digital society) in 2003.

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