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Open Money Project

Money is basically an information system. The way that system is organised deeply affects the ways in which an economy using that money works or it doesn't, how people make a living or how they don't. Our present monoculture of conventional central bank issued money is fundamentally inefficient - people who want work can't get it because there's no money for it. The damages are psychological, personal, social, and ecological. This is not a matter of who is in control, but a consequence of the very form of the money itself - a scarce commodity for which we must compete. Conventional money has severe deficiencies that cannot be fixed.

But we can easily create other information systems, additional currencies that better enable the ethical economies we need for a sustainable society. There are no significant technical, legal, commercial or even political impediments - all we have to do is build them.

The possibilities for open and "free" money (as in free speech) are extensive. The internet is an ideal medium for virtual community currencies. It's already as easy to install an elementary "cc" system as it is to set up an email list, and there are working smart card systems for mainstream point of sale processes. Projects are emerging all over the world.

The open money project on SourceForge is a forum for development of cc - procedures, protocols, programs.

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