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Intro to Panel "The University as Public Service Provider or as Profit Center?"

Volker Grassmuck

So, this point you made about open source philosophies being able to break the dichotomy between technology and content could you elaborate on that a little more. Because I can see where open source software development actually directly fits into the development of educational software. So I'm talking about software code, the layer that enables what ever the content after all. There is this division to enable this content, to be presented and to be worked with if it is interactive or if it links for example to the net and there is additional information there or there are mailing lists connected to it.
So the educational stuff can use a certain environment to interact with the students. And my question would be where you see examples of the same model of open collaboration in creating content. Because what you said before this inflexibility of packaged software, this failure of mass customisation. That is actually the case of also colleges books, traditional paper based things are not customisable at all. So to say that now with software based materials the mass customisation fails is just to say that a promise that this new technology holds of flexibility, of customisation, of continues development cycle is not fulfilled. So the critic if I understand directly is that publishers stick to the Gutenbergien model of the book. That is one unit that you create at one time and it is finished and you send it out. I would also like to ask you this. Where you see structural elements in this new Turing galaxies environment, the digital real that did not exist in the Gutenbergien book based form of education?

[transcript: Katja Pratschke]

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