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Exhibition "Public Library"

Upper Foyer of the bcc

(related to: panel "Art as Anticopyright Activism")

Public Library is a mini exhibition of art that engages with information freedom and knowledge commons in a direct, unmetaphorical way. It gathers several art works and projects which critically deal with the increasing commodification of culture and propose or embody alternatives. All those works have been released in the public domain or under free licenses.

Public Library is conceived as a small public space consisting of bookshelves and desks in which the works can be accessed, viewed, read and browsed. As a metaphor, Public Library follows the theme of »Wizards of OS 3 – The Future of the Digital Commons«. On the other hand, the title is not metaphorical since the works can be experienced just as in a public library, as opposed to more auratic and less accessible traditional white cube shows.

Works in the exhibition

* Internationale Situationniste

* Lloyd Dunn, Photostatic/Retrofuturism retrograde archive (1983-1998)

* Kembrew McLeod, Freedom of ExpressionTM (1998)

* Project Gnutenberg, (since 2001) & walser.php? (2002)

* David S. Touretzky et al., Gallery of DeCSS descramblers

* ubermorgen.com, Injunction Generator (2001)

* Dragan Espenschied & Alvar Freude, insert coin (2000/2001)

* Cornelia Sollfrank, copyright © 2004, cornelia sollfrank (2004)

Curated by:

Inke Arns
Cultural Scientist, Author, and Independent Curator, mikro e.V., Berlin

Florian Cramer
Comparative Philologist, Berlin

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