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John Buckman

John Buckman is CEO of Magnatune.com, a online record label he launched May of 2003 with the motto "We are not evil". Since that time, he has signed over 200 artists and sells their music directly from the Magnatune site through online downloads and print-on-demand CDs, as well as a innovative licensing tool that allows filmmakers and other creative professionals to obtain music for use in commercial projects.

Known for his progressive take on label operations, Buckman emphasizes a musician-friendly approach including forming non-exclusive agreements with musicians, sharing profits equally with them, and allowing artists to retain full rights to their own music.

Buckman is also a well known figure in the open source community and successfully employs both open source and Creative Commons-based principles to ensure the entire Magnatune catalog is heard by the widest possible audience. John divides his time between London and Berkeley and is married to classical and electronic musician Jan Hanford Buckman.

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