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Harald Welte

Harald Welte is one of the five netfilter/iptables core team members, and is the current Linux 2.4.x firewalling maintainer. His main interest in computing has always been networking but in the little time left after netfilter/iptables related work, he writes obscure documents like the UUCP over SSL HOWTO. He has also contributed to user mode linux and the international (crypto) kernel patch.

In the past Harald has worked as an independent IT Consultant on closed-source projects for various companies ranging from banks to manufacturers of networking gear. During 2001 he was living in Curitiba, Brazil, where he was sponsored for his Linux related work by Conectiva Inc. Since February 2002, he has been contracted part-time by Astaro AG, who are sponsoring him for his current netfilter/iptables work. He is currently living in Berlin, Germany.

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