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Erik Möller

Dipl.-Inf. Erik Möller is a journalist and author from Berlin/Germany with a long history of involvement in online media. In April 1999 he created the German church-critical weblog "Der Humanist" together with several friends. In August 2000, he started the weblog infoAnarchy.org as a response to the file sharing revolution. infoAnarchy has published over 960 stories since then. Two years after the weblog, Erik created the infoAnarchy wiki, which now contains about 2000 pages.

Erik maintains the scientific archive "The Origins of Peace and Violence", which collects papers, videos and other source documents related to research into the causes of violence and aggression and moderates the associated mailing list PEACELIST, which is an attempt to bring together people interested in working towards ways to build a violence-free society.

He has long been involved in the weblog Kuro5hin.org, an example of democratic online publishing, where has written over 40 stories about various subjects. In late 2001 he became increasingly involved in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. He has played an important role in formulating key policies of the project and contributed to hundreds of articles. He organized the first project-wide votes, including the international logo contest, and set up the first large scale fundraising effort in December 2003, which led to over $40,000 in mostly small donations.

Starting in late 2002, Erik also became involved in the development of the Wikipedia software, called MediaWiki, and in the administration of the Wikimedia servers. On the last Wizards of OS conference, Erik moderated a panel on peer-to-peer journalism and online publishing.

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