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Wolfgang Coy

Institute for Computer Science, Professor for Computer Science in Education and Society, Humboldt University Berlin

Welcome everyone here. This is the second of our WOS conferences and I 'm talking as a member of a minority, namely of Academia. I'm from Humboldt University. Our working group is "Computers and Society". And I say that with regard to the number of people here who are not from Academia. I say it with a little tristesse. Our themes are going into the public. And on the other side I'm quite proud about it. Digital culture arrives, and we are in a new aggregate state of the society. Digitalisation has come down to earth now. And I'm very glad that these interesting themes are not only related to their technical roots. Open Source is no longer only the idea of some computer scientists or their students. It is now a very general idea which describes a society which I will not call open society because this is related to a certain philosophical tradition. I would call it the state of open mind and I hope that we will experience open mind in this conference. Thank you very much.

Transkript: Katja Pratschke

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