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Claudio Prado

Digital Policy Connector of the Cultural Ministry of Brazil

Counterculture activist of the 60’s in London connected to the alternative press, pirate radios, and the production of the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury Festivals where he produced Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso.
Founder of the first Brazilian rock production company called, “Dreams, Artistic and On the Road Productions” in São Paulo.
Artistic director of Band 13, first rock program of Brazilian television.
Producer of “os Mutantes” and “Novos Baianos”. Co-producer of the Águas Claras Festival, active collaborator of the counterculture movements of Lira Paulistana and Revista Bondinho in São Paulo.
Marketing Director of Mangueira Samba School of Rio de Janeiro.

Founder and CEO of the social-environmental NGO Salve a Amazonia (Save Amazonia).
Founder and Director of PróRio92, one of the leading NGO’s network in the organization of the Global Forum of the UN’s World Environmental Summit Rio 92.
Coordinator of the NGO Phoenix, experimental project, working to interconnect formal and informal education in a governmental secondary school in São Paulo.

Responsible for promotions and events of DPZ publicity agency and Gradiente in São Paulo.
Partner and Director of CPG Marketing pioneer agency for corporate consulting in ethics, social and environmental responsibility.

Marketing Director of RioTur, City of Rio de Janeiro Tourist Authority.
Executive production of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival and New Years Festivities.

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