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Annette Pohlke

Star Wars Combine

Annette Pohlke is one of the administrators of the Star Wars Combine, a free multi player online role playing game set in the Star Wars universe that is developed and run by amateurs in their spare time.

The game has been online since October 1998 and - as every other member of the team - Annette Pohlke joined as a player as soon as it opened. Soon later she started working as a developer and coded the game client for the Macintosh platform.

She was also a member of the team that developed the current web interface and game engine that operates on the basis of a mySQL database and PHP, running on a Linux server. In May 2004 she joined the head administration team and had to stop playing when she did so.

If she is not working for the Star Wars Combine, she teaches Latin and writes books - sometimes together with her husband - about the ancient world.

Although the Star Wars Combine is not open source, it can be played free of charge and offers every player the chance to become a member of the team and contribute to the development, shape and improvement of the game, e.g. by contributing artwork, developing and revising the game rules or coding new game features.

The game is operated with the consent of the proper copyright holder for Star Wars trademarked material who allowed it to remain open for eight years so far.

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