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Sebastian Büttrich


Sebastian Büttrich is a generalist in technology with a background in scientific programming and physics.

Internet and web experience since 1989 / 1994, respectively - as developer, architect, system administrator, project leader and technology department leader.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, he worked with international web consultancy IconMedialab in Copenhagen from 1997 until 2002, where he was in charge of the technology department, and more specifically, all research & development activities.

The idea of a ubiquitous information and communication network, accessible to all, continues to be his core vision, and in order to work on concrete tasks in community networking and development projects, he founded together with colleague and friend Tomas Krag in 2002.

Sebastian holds a ph.d. in quantum physics from the Technical University Berlin. His physics background includes fields like RF and microwave spectroscopy, photovoltaic systems and advanced maths.

He is also a performing and recording musician and grows cacti.

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