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Danny Bruder

Danny Bruder is a musician, music producer and free culture activist. He is one of the founding members of the P-Pack, a Berlin-based network of artists and activists from all fields of the communication sector. Since the year 1988 he has released various records with his different bands and projects.

As an ex-member of the GEMA, he is familiar with the structures of various commercial compensation systems within the media industries. He is a passionate supporter of free license systems, such as GNU-gpl or Creative Commons as a way to spread and promote the idea of free culture.

As press officer of the c-base, he represents a crew of scientists, software developers, hackers, artists and people, who are deeply rooted within the open source community.

Along with a group of people, he started working on the copycan project in 2006. copycan is a service, based on the Street Performer Protocol. copycan allows producers of digital content, to get paid for the release of their work. The type of content can be anything which could technically be attached to an E-Mail. Once it has been released under a free license, the content can circulate freely within the cycle of free culture. Danny Bruder will present the copycan-project on the Wizards of OS 4 conference.

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