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Guido Sohne

Guido Sohne is a freelance software developer and consultant active in the African technology environment.

He was one of the early, founding members of the Free and Open Source Foundation For Africa as well as being part of the FOSSFA Council. However, he resigned due to differences over governance and direction of the organization and moved on to establish a new organization called AfricanIntelligence with the purpose of focussing on developing developers rather than promoting open source software.

Guido has also participated in the World Summit Award selection of content from Ghana as the WSA Country Expert. He has been interviewed by a Swiss radio station, which is to broadcast excerpts together with those of other internationally recognized people, during the World Summit for Information Society in Geneva, December 10th - December 12th, 2003.

Other current activities include active partipation in the activities of the Internet Society via the pubsoft(at)isoc.org mailing list, in which he is part of the group committee. When not engaged in contract work, he spends a lot of his time on trying to make the life of the African software developer a more pleasant and profitable experience than it is now.

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