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Hong Feng

Hong Feng was born in 1968 in HuNan Province, China. After graduating from university, he studied mathematics and Pansystems Methodology with the theory's founder, Prof. Wu XueMou, in Wuhan from 1988-1991. In 1992-1995, he visited Russia and lived in Moscow.

After returning to China, Feng and two colleagues founded RON's Datacom Co., Ltd. in May 1995. Since then, he's been exploring how to build a successful business model based on free software (which he strictly prefers to the term "open source").

Between 1997 and 1999, Feng worked as the chief editor at O'Reilly & Associates in Beijing, translating several books from English to Chinese. He now no longer supports proprietary publications.

Feng is a freelance writer and author of four books, including "Free Software: New Game Rules". He publishes FREE SOFTWARE Magazine (FSM). Up to now, it is the only free (as in freedom) monthly periodical devoted to the global free software community. It appears both as a web version and a paper version, free to copy and redistribute. He is still working on a biography of his friend, Richard Stallman (the Chinese title of the book is "RMS BenJi"), Chairman and one of the founders of the Free Software Foundation.

To publish the free books in Chinese, Feng is designing high quality, free PostScript fonts in METAPOST. Since Chinese has thousands of characters to design, this project is still undergoing. As a programmer, he likes Lisp, (Objective) C and assembly. Right now he mostly works with Scheme for hacking and training.

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