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Free Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Friday, 11 June 2004, 15:00, Track 2

The PET panel on Privacy Enhancing Technologies will discuss current issues, technology projects and solutions to protect privacy in the electronic world. The areas covered in this session are diverse in order to give the audience an overview of the many PET projects going on these days. They specifically cover mail encryption, anonymizing technologies and RFID protection initiatives. Moreover, reports will be given on political and educational work going on in the area, specifically in 3rd world countries, in the US as well as in Germany.

The start will be made by Robert Guerra from privaterra.org & Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), Toronto. Privaterra's mission is to provide technological education and support for civil society organizations (Human Rights NGOs) in the area of data privacy, secure communications and information security. Robert will report on projects he conducted in Brazil and Peru. Enki Boehm from Quintessenz and Teso Security, Vienna, will then focus on two particular privacy projects related to NGOs, specifically GPGRemail and Stickyx. Roger Dingledine founder of The Free Haven Project follows with an introduction to the TOR project, an anonymizing overlay network for TCP which today includes 30 nodes in the US and Europe. Finally, Rena Tangens, co-founder of the FoeBuD e.V. will talk about RFID and its privacy implications. She will report on the last Big Brother Award related to RFID, the 'Stop RFID' initiative and the "DataPrivatizer" project.

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