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Thomas Krag


Tomas Krag spends his days working with wire.less.dk based in Copenhagen, a company that he founded with his friend and colleague Sebstian Buettrich in early 2002. wire.less.dk specialises in community wireless networking solutions, and has a special focus on low-cost wireless networks for the developing world.

Thomas is also an associate of the Tactical Technology Collective, an Amsterdam-based non-profit "to strengthen social technology movements and networks in developing and transition countries, as well as promote civil society's effective, conscious and creative use of new technologies." Currently most of his energy goes into the Wireless Roadshow, a project that supports civil society partners in the developing world in planning, building and sustaining connectivity solutions based on license-exempt spectrum (802.11 wireless, also known as WiFi or WLAN), open technology and open knowledge.

A big fan of traveling Tomas has played pick-up basketball games in at least 6 countries on 3 continents. He does what he does because it's loads of fun.

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