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Amke Block


After having started her career in the music business in 1990 working for various independent music companies, Amke was involved in creating and implementing new online businesses like mov.a.bit (the first German legal internet music download service back in 1998) and Edgar Medien Online (flash-based e-card- advertisements in 2000).

Amke Block has a degree in business administration and wrote the first German thesis on music marketing in online media; further fundamental reports and publications followed in "Musikwoche", "Musikmarkt", "Musikforum", "Screen Business Online", "<e>Market", "Die Welt" and "momag.net".

In 2002, Amke wrote a detailed report on music export promotion for the German Ministry of Culture and Media (BKM) and the German music business organisations such as Bundesverband Phono/IFPI (German division of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industries), DMV (German music publishers' association), VUT (association of independent music labels) and collecting societies (GEMA and GVL). Since then she helped developing the now freshly founded German music export office GermanSounds AG. Hence she is strategic consultant and business development manager of GermanSounds.

From 2002 to 2004 Amke published and managed the German business-to-business information service "momag.net" ("music online business magazine on the net") with her co-founders, journalist René Kius and digital publishing expert Eckehart Röscheisen.

As she never lost her love for independent music she always supported the German independent labels association VUT (Verband Unabhängiger Tonträgerunternehmen) where she is in charge of communication and IT and digital media strategies. In the beginning of 2004 she founded the association of north-german music companies „Ton-Träger Nord“ as a subsidiary of the VUT. At „Ton-Träger Nord“ Amke is chair of the board and the board’s spokeswoman.

She currently works as author and consultant in Hamburg, Germany.

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